INTEGRATION KEK SA was founded in 1994 by a group of senior executives in human resources; since then, it has been one of the most important accredited organizations for vocational training in Greece. It is based in Athens, and it has branches in Ioannina (region of Epirus in North-Western Greece) and in Rethymno (region of Crete, Southern Greece).

Early in its history, the organization became aware that the development of human resources and the competence to adapt to the constant technological and work changes are the keys as for the Employment, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Development. Therefore, it developed systems, methodologies, tools, teaching content and training professionals that enabled the provision of reliable and effective services and the achievement of important qualitative and quantitative results in vocational training and career developement.

A key factor to the development of human resources is the provision of high quality training and career consulting services, and this ultimately forms the company’s philosophy. Thus, the pursuit of quality is the basis upon which INTEGRATION builds all its activities.

In this vein, the company developed a system for the management of quality which it has been certified under the ISO 9001:2000 standard (now 9001:2008), since December 2001.

Furthermore, INTEGRATION has been accredited by National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance.


INTEGRATION, in its 23rd year of operation, counts more than 4 million man-hours of training to unemployed, workers and vulnerable social groups, more than 1 million man-hours of vocational guidance and job promotion services and hundreds man-hours of scientific and research work in the development of human resources under the framework of European and national programmes and community initiatives (EQUAL projects, ESF Article 6, Teachers’ training in innovative training methods in the Technical and Vocational Schools of the Greek Manpower organization, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Interreg etc.)

The main company activities include:

- The development, the organization and the provision of adult training to unemployed, employed and social vulnerable groups. In the context of this activity, the company also delivers the following:
- survey and evaluation of the demand for jobs and skills in the labour market, with the aim to develop integrate training programs (curricula for jobs)
- identification of the training needs of the enterprises for the development of in-house training courses (tailor-made courses)
- vocational consulting and career guidance to unemployed and employed trainees and promotion to job vacancies
- Participation in European projects: transnational activities and cooperation for the development and piloting of projects and the production of modern knowhow in the field of human resources development (development of innovative products and services relevant to the vocational training  of adults in the content of lifelong learning)

The organizational structure and the expertise of the staff allow the company to respond successfully and consistently to the demands of the different activities it develops and also, to prevail in the market of the vocational training, career consulting, evolving a wide network of associates and clients in the public and the private sectors and transnational partnerships with European organizations and Institutions of higher education.


As for now, the active projects are:

► Job training, Certification and Career development in the field of logistics aimed for unemployed young people between ages 18-24.
► Job training and Certification in Basic digital skills of the beneficiaries of the Community Service Program 2017.
► Participation in European projects: Erasmus – Project Escot 2016-2019. Participating countries: France (Leader), Italy, Austria, Greece.


223 Vouliagmenis Av., 172 37 Dafni, Athens
Tel. +30 210 9711620, Fax. + 30 210 9711379

E-mail: info@integration.gr