INTEGRATION ΚΕΚ Α.Ε. is a company  that  provides  services  of design , management and  implementation  of works  , concerning the development of human  resources.

The company operates since 1994  -the year where it was founded- and it is situated in Athens. The company operates in Greece.

Integration is a certified entity of lifelong learning (Level ΙΙ) and  professional counseling  for adults.

For its provided services ,a certification of quality is provided with the standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

It focuses on the design ,management and implementation of works and  systems for developing expertise and  skills of manpower , aiming at improving  employmentability of diverse population groups. It also focuses on the adaptation of employees, enterprises and sectors of private  economy to the radical changes of professions and specializations due to technological advancements.

In the above  framework  it has realized actions and works that  correspond to 730 programs  of job training for adults that account for more than  5.000.000 man-hours of learning and 600.000 man-hours of occupational  consulting  focusing on employment and career. Approximately 15.750 unemployed as well as private sector employees participated in the above programs, while 10.000 employees where launched in the job market. Consulting services concerning career where also provided in 2.500 employees.


Some of the services provided by the company are :

  • Applied research and surveys for diagnosing the needs and possibilities of the job market.
  • Systems, methods and techniques for probing the training needs, in sectors and enterprises.
  • Systems, methods and techniques for adult job-training
  • Developing methods and tools of professional consulting for employment and career.
  • Developing innovative methods and strategies, for the trainers in adult job   training.
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Sectors of activity

  • New technologies
  • Food and drink industry
  • Constructions
  • Commerce
  • Supply chain
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Training
  • Central government and public sector

Our team

The company’s corporate structure, its management and its executives are graduates of higher education and holders of postgraduate degrees, including Adult Education and Professional Counseling.

They have over 20 years of professional experience in Labor Market Surveys, surveys and studies of educational needs of specific target groups, as well as professional experience in the areas of Project Design, Organization, Implementation and Evaluation, Continuing Vocational Training, Adult Education and Lifelong Learning, Modern Methods and Vocational Career Technical Support.

Clients / Affiliates

The partnerships and the clientele of the company, include Organizations, Bodies and Enterprises in Greece and abroad such as:

  • Ministries of Greece and major organizations
  • Regions and local authorities
  • Transnational partners
  • Enterprises of various sectors and sectors of the private economy

Featured Projects

The company participated in a multitude of European programs and initiatives, as well as works that where realized within the framework of business programs of the central government, along with regional and local authorities, co-founded by the Ε.U. (NOW, HORIZON, ADAPT, TACIS, INTERREG, LEONARDO DA VINCI and more). Representative works that were realized through the years with the participation of the company:

  • European program of technical help TACIS – project “Legal Training – Ukraine, Kiev and Selected Regions”.
  • European Program “Local action for employment matters – DG Employment and Social affairs”.
  • Community initiative EQUAL, projects:

    • «Paths of Employment and  Career»
    • «Equal possibilities – equal chances»
    • «Forwarding offices in employment »
    • «Centre of meta-information and of highlighting technical skills»

  • Innovative program of article 6-ΕΚΤ «Software for exploiting man-power  at  the middle and great  technical works»
  • Program Leonardo Da Vinci “Improving training performance in industrial SMEs by the use of ICT – A challenge for trainers, SME and training providers – SME Learning”
  • «Educating trainers in innovative methods of teaching at Τ.Ε.Ε. of ΟΑΕD» measure 2.3, act 2.3.3 of “Ε.Π. ΕΠΕΑΕΚ ΙΙ”
  • «Educating trainers for the maximum utilization of training software» Ε.Π. «Society of Information» Ministry of education – Pedagogical Institute.
  • «Design and application of specialized training, development of training material and implementation of educative programs» for 248 trainers of secondary education for “ΕΠΑΛ, Ε.Π. ΕΠΕΑΕΚ ΙΙ” of the Ministry of Education.
  • «Training seminars for   instructors from the schools of vocational training of “ΟΤΕΚ Ε.Π. ΕΠΕΑΕΚ ΙΙ” of the Ministry of Education.
  • «Training of elective representatives from primary local self-government at Τ.Π.Ε. – digital municipal» Ε.Π. «Society of information» ministry of Interior.
  • «Programs of intercultural training of staff serving in detention centers, childcare services and social welfare services». Annual program of the European Fund for the integration of third-country nationals by the Ministry of Interior , Public Administration and Decentralization – General Secretariat for Migration Policy
  • «Local Integrated Cooperation Program for Women’s Employment – EKO Agios Dimitrios» by the Ministry of Labor.
  • «Local Integrated Cooperation Program for Employment – Social Action of Ilioupoli» Region of Attica.
  • Programs of continuing vocational training for the unemployed and vulnerable social groups with guaranteed employment under the Operational Program «Employment and Vocational Training» and OP. «Human Resources development» by the ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare.
  • Small Business Personnel Adjustment Programs with 1-49 Personnel, during the Financial Crisis – FDI “Human Resources Development”
  • Program for adapting SME employees with staff exceeding 50 employees, during the financial crisis – OAED / Ε.Π. “Human Resources Development”
Meeting  4 – Regulate the writing of training storyboards and prepare production and dissemination

Réunion 4 – Réguler l’écriture des story-boards et préparer la production et la dissémination Place : ATHENES, FRANCE Date: 17-18 Septembre 2018   Objectives of the meeting /  Objectifs de

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